"Chris  Lindsay  is  a  talented  up  and  coming  actor  with  over  10  years  of hosting, theatre, film, and commercial  experience."
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Relocating to Florida  after graduating from  the Liberal Arts  school Catawba  College in 2005, Chris  has  already  made  a  name  for  himself  in  the  southeast  traversing  the worlds of both theatre and film. He has already worked with such diverse theatre companies as the Orlando Shakespeare Theatre, the Orlando Repertory Theatre, the Orlando Fringe Festival, Piedmont Playhouse,Theatre IV, The Lost Colony and the Barksdale Theatre.

After  transferring  to  Catawba  College  in Salisbury  NC,  he continued  growing  in  theatre  participating  in  plays  on  campus, off  campus  and  at  a  local  downtown  theatre.  Once  it  came time  to  graduate,  Chris  had  joined   the  College's  theatre  Club, the  Blue  Mask,  earned  the  Neophyte  Award  for  most promising  new  dancer,  and  had  offers  from several  professional  theatre  companies  across  the  U.S.,  including  the Actor's  Theatre  of  Louisville,  The  Know  Tribe  Theatre,   the Orlando  Shakespeare  Theatre,  Unto  these  Hills,  the  Lexington Children's  Theatre,  Missoula  Children's  theatre,   and  the Chestnut  Theatre.

Likewise,  he  has  been  successful  acting  for  the camera  in  many  different  film  venues,  booking  jobs  in  feature-film,  television,  commercials,  industrials  and  hosting  gigs.  A  few  of  the  companies  that  he's  already worked  with  are Summit  Entertainment,  Lifetime Network,  USA Network, MTV Studios,  Walt  Disney World,  The Orlando  Sentinel,  Castel  Beer,  Vzillion,  Red  Lobster, Barnes  &  Noble,  ESPN,  Friendly's,  Hard  Rock  Hotel  & Casino,  the  American  Red  Cross  and  Alamo Car Rental  to  name  a  few.

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About me
Originally  from  North  Carolina,  Chris  is  the  second  oldest of  6  crazy  kids.  As  a  child  with  a  healthy  imagination  it  was only  a  matter  of  time  before  he  found  his  way  to  the  stage. First  while  in  High  School  and  next  at  College  of  the Albemarle  in  Elizabeth  City.  While  at  the  school  he auditioned  and  acted  in  as  many  plays,  main  stage,  or  student as  he  could  possibly  handle;  all  the  while  working  two  jobs. By  the  time  he  graduated  he  had  acted  in  dozens  of  plays, musicals,  stage  readings,  joined  the  local  theatre  fraternity, spent  a  few  summers  as  a  principle  actor/fight  captain at  the historic  "Lost  Colony  Outdoor  Drama"  directed  by  Terrance Mann,  and  had  become  the  first  minority  to  earn  the prestigious  Acting  Award  C.O.A.S.T.  Player  of  the  Year.
By  the  end  of  summer  in  2005  Chris  found  himself  in Orlando  FL,  working  for  one  of  the  state's  most  reputable theatre  companies,  the  Orlando  Shakespeare  Theatre.  While  at the  O-town  Shakes,  Chris  quickly  adapted  to  the  company appearing  in  5  main  stage  shows  back-to-back.  Also  while  at the  Orlando  Shakespeare  theatre,  he  cemented  in  the traits  that  he has  carried  with  him  still  today,  growing  as  an  actor  while not  on  stage  by  reading  plays,  attending  workshops,  taking  acting  intensive  classes, and teaching theatre at several local Boys & Girls Clubs. 

    "...Truly theTalent for your next project"