In the Now

• Just wrapped a commercial shoot in St. Pete
  Florida ​w/ "Circle Health Hospitals"​

• Just wrapped a first day of ​​shooting a
  Christian music video in Orlando.​​
•  just posted a new Theatrical Reel in Film

•  just wrapped my historical recording session
  ​ with "The National Park Service."

--I portrayed a Nigerian Slave named Romeo
  ​ that labored in the fields recalling the
  ​ triumphs, toils & defeats he witnessed 
   ​everyday during his life. The recording will
   ​be played in an audio tour at the Historic
   ​Kingsley Plantation in northern Florida later
   ​this year. If you know me then you    know I LOVE history and this was both a humbling and enlightening project to work    on. Once wrapped I felt extremely appreciative of what my ancestors endured in hopes that one day their children    
   ​would live in a nation much like ours ​today. It really is admirable how far America's come and GB ​her.

•  Would like to personally thank everyone that came out to the World Premier of "A Light in the Darkness" at the Enzian
   Theater. The support you guys gave made all of the work that the cast & crew put into making the film more than worth
   while. Thank You.